Hi everyone!
My name is Julia Faygin. I am a leather accessories designer and the owner of Faygin brand. I design and produce a huge variety of leather accessories for women who want to emphasize their own style.

Leather is a very interesting material. In the right hands it can take all shapes and become a beautiful accessory that challenges stereotypes and highlights the personality of the person who wears it.

Faygin Leather Accessories:

  1.  Handmade. All accessories are created by me. My goal is to make them enjoyable to wear.
  2. Leather and accessories of high quality. They are pleasant to touch, feel and even smell.
  3. Individual design. You will not find accessories like mine in stores. You can order a unique model designed especially for you and put your name, brand name or logo on it.
  4.  Style and originality. My accessories will help you show your personality without changing your clothes. Just put on jeans, a T-shirt or your favorite dress and enjoy people’s attention. The accessories I make can be combined with different styles. You can go to a party with friends, to a restaurant for lunch or even to a business meeting wearing them.
  5. Limited Collection. I make just a few items of each model, so there is no chance you will see your friend wearing the same accessory 🙂 If you order an accessory with your own design it will be produced in a single copy.
    Soft leather of the accessories I make gently touches your body, massive bracelets make your wrists look more elegant and geometric shapes and unusual fittings create your unique image. Wearing Faygin accessories you feel confident, free, sexy and adventurous.

Make a statement to the world with Faygin!

I create bracelets, ties, chokers and other accessories made of leather for brave women who wish to emphasize their own style and are not afraid to attract attention.

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